Postpartum Body Changes

After giving birth to two small children there were a lot of changes to the my body. Some for the good, and some for the bad (lol). When I had Ryland, I lost all of that baby weight so quick and I did minimal work- age could have played a huge role with this because I had Ryland 5 days after I turned 23 years old!

The Method I Used to Sleep Train My 3 Month Old

The one most asked question that I get from friends is “How do I sleep train my baby?”. Every baby is different, but if your baby is healthy and you feel comfortable with stepping away from your child and letting your child CRY IT OUT then continue reading…

Pajama Holiday Party for Three

There is something about the cold mornings, the faux fur coats, and the smell of peppermint mochas that just screams out winter. The cold mornings are a favorite of mine because Ryland and Rori sneaks…

Self-care is NOT selfish

Being a mom is literally a 24/7 job. When we aren’t with our littles we are always thinking of them. When we are with our littles, we are either thinking of the things that can we do to make them smile or we have guilt that we aren’t doing enough.