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Valentine’s day is right around the corner! Do you have any plans with your Valentine or you Galentine? Ever since Ryan and I had our babies it has been difficult to find some alone time and honestly, there are holidays/birthdays that we forget about so we don’t always gift each other on these special days. For 2018, one of my (many) New Year’s resolution is to work on my relationship. Communicate more, laugh more, remember the small things like we did when were dating, and just LOVE more. So, for this Valentine’s day I partnered up with JORD to gift my valentine this perfect wood watch! Although our relationship is not based on materialistic things and never has been, but it is so nice to be able to gift him this JORD watch as a small token of my love.

I couldn’t resist but to get myself this JORD watch as well! I have such a big heart for all things that are rose gold! The color goes with everything and will be perfect with any valentine’s day outfit! This watch can be dressed up or down, and perfect for your galantine!

Lastly, If you are looking for a gift to express your love to your special valentine or galantine enter in the giveaway below to win a $100 shop credit to JORD! If you do not win, all entrants will receive 10% off to JORD! Shop credit and 10% off expires on 02/25/2018.

To complete the final step (checkout my Instagram for all of the rules) for the giveaway fill out THIS simple form to choose your favorite watch because you may be the one lucky winner! enter HERE and good luck!



Wooden Wrist Watch

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